Wednesday, April 30, 2014 - Understanding the Growth and Basic SEO 

In this post I will review the different periods over the last 4 months since the rollout of shoppertom (A new E-Commerce comparison engine) Shoppertom is still small and growing but we can still review and see different behaviors in a website launch activity.

Below you can see a screenshot from google analytics (displaying the number of hits to the site per day)

Lets review and explain the different periods of the website activity.

  1. Shoppertom was launched on 01 Jan 2014. The Honeymoon period (google gives extremely high page rank to your pags) lasted 1-2 weeks. see
  2. The Sandbox period followed immediately
    1. During the sandbox period I have tried multiple changes to the website and its sitemap but all pages remained extremely low on the google page rank.
  3. The Standard operation period started roughly on 04 March 2014 (roughly two months after the website was launched).
  4. The website stopped getting hits due to a DNS attack which prevented people reaching it.
  5. Trying to fix the DNS issue we have moved the website to a different DNS with a CDN - the CDN has delayed our crawling rate. See my previous blog
    1. later on the website was moved to a standard DNS solution returning back to standard operation.


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