Monday, April 28, 2014

DNS issues and SEO is an E-Commerce comparison site. In this blog I review Technical challenges in setting it up.

Correct DNS setup is critical to your website. On March 2014 I encountered a downtime in the shoppertom availability.

Debugging this downtime was easily done by the following steps:

1. I couldn't browse to from anywhere
2. Connection to my hosting service and using ip address to browse my website did work

My conclusion was that dns problems where happening. Contacting my registrar I have found out that their DNS server was under a DDOS attack and hence couldn't reply to DNS queries. The domain name registrar had recommended an alternative DNS hosting service.

I have switched to use this dns service and was back online within a few minutes (there are a lot of DNS online test tools which you can use in a similar issue).

After a few days I have noticed a big decline in the crawling rate in google web master tools. The importance of high crawling rate is explained in multiple SEO blogs and articles for example:

Checking the crawl rate on google web master tools (site settings) showed me that I can no longer control my crawl rate and that its been stabilized on a fixed rate because I am on a CDN.

"Your site has been assigned special crawl rate settings. You will not be able to change the crawl rate"

Changing my DNS to a simple DNS solution has solved this and returned things back to where they were - google no longer limits my crawl rate and my daily visits are recovering as well.

Bottom line, I agree with



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