Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Backlog - Shoppertom.com 

This post will contain our backlog


  1. Finish better categorization
  2. Add Retail RTI
  3. Add more stores - start with Golf
  4. add sitemap by factes
  5. write an article crawling using nutch

  6. //why does this product contain store name in its name http://shoppertom.com/products/Business_Source_Ring_Binder_Nordisco_com_/all/all/searchResults
  7. //dhgate and newagg contain numbers only


  1. Results are now sorted correctly
  2. Blog now appears in shoppertom sitemap.
  3. better looking pagination
  4. deal with exceptions better (logging)
  5. better sitemaps - include blog in the sitemap and adjust the time of the sitemap.

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